Put The 


Back Into BI

Deploy Automation for Tableau and improve business intelligence enterprise wide!

Sales And Marketing

No more flying blind! Automation for Tableau and SalesForce watches your sales funnel 24/7 and automatically notifies you and your team of significant changes. Prescribe custom actions plans to drive results across your team.

  • Detect: Reps and regions at risk of missing quota 

  • Prescribe: Customized remediation plans

  • Notify: Reps and managers with Slack, Email, Text


Automation directly addresses many key imperatives of regulatory compliance. With RPA tasks are performed the exact same way each time producing impeccable activity logs, critical for compliance. Best of all RPA scales with no training costs.

  • Detect: Activities that fall outside of compliance 

  • Prescribe: Corrective actions and training

  • Notify: Compliance officers issues and action plan

Data Quality

With RelayiQ you can set up smart notifications that catch data quality issues in your pipeline in real time and alert all the people who need to know about them with a customized message letting them know what actions to take.

  • Detect: Outliers, null values and wrong data types 

  • Prescribe: Corrective actions with context

  • Notify: Data stewards in near real time