RelayiQ Customer Support

Customer Support Guidelines and Procedures

RelayiQ Support is included with your monthly product subscription. It includes access to new versions and product updates including new features and bug fixes. At RelayiQ we take pride in our responsiveness to our customers. There are 3 ways to access Customer Support for RelayiQ. 


It is our goal to exceed your expectations as a customer. As we work with you on your issues or questions, we strive to communicate both timely and effectively.

Knowledge Base

Not all issues that come to support result in product bugs or enhancements. You can contact support for any type of question you may have on the product or your implementation. In our Customer Portal, we have included a Knowledge Base that should help solve frequently asked questions and known issues.

Response Times

We have set response time goals for issues that should help you understand the timeline of our processes regarding the priority of your issue. With your priority in mind, we will communicate status and next steps in a timely manner to move your issue to resolution.


Upon creation of your issue, you can set your issue’s priority to reflect your business situation. Your issue’s priority may change from when you initially submitted it depending on your timeline, an acceptable workaround, or new information. With your consent, we may recommend that we upgrade or downgrade the priority of your issue to reflect the most current situation. 

Response Time Table

Scheduled Outages

As a SaaS solution, there are times where we need to schedule outages to update our software or our platform. Scheduled outages will occur during weekends at a time where we receive the least amount of usage with RelayiQ. We will post these outages on the Customer Support Portal and will also send email notification 24 hours prior to the outage. For product availability, we strive for 99.9% uptime.