Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

Where can I get help?

Send an email to: Call: 1-833-RELAYIQ Visit Support Portal:

How do I get started with RelayiQ?

Go to the "Free Trial" button at the top of the home page and click create an account!

Is there a free trial?

Yes, when you set up an account you will receive a 2 week free trial.

What channels can be used to send insights?

Currently we support email, slack, sms and mms text messaging. However, if your organization has adopted a different channel, we will easily integrate with that.

Can I subscribe someone else to receive text alerts?

Yes, but the recipient must opt-in for text alerts first by texting START to +1 617-340-2220. Prior to opting-in, they will receive email alerts that include instructions for text opt-in.

Are text messages included?

SMS and MMS text messaging will be an additional charge based on volume.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, please contact

What happens to the data from my dashboards that are used in the alert?

The data is processed in memory to detect alert conditions. When the processing is complete, the data are destroyed.

What happens if an alert fails?

Your organization's RelayiQ administrator will receive a weekly report summarizing alert statistics.

Can I cancel an alert set up by someone else?

Yes. Each alert contains a link that allows the recipient to manage channels, frequency and thresholds, or cancel the alert entirely.

Product FAQs

How do I add an alert to a Tableau Dashboard?

After you create an account on, copy the URL provided and paste it into a web page object on your Tableau dashboard. The URL contains a unique dashboard id that will associate it with your dashboard.

How do I add users?

As you configure alerts for your dashboard and add recipients, click on the "add user +" button.

Do users and recipients need to be Tableau users?


My Tableau server is behind a firewall. Can I still use RelayiQ?

Yes. RelayiQ can connect to your Tableau server through a VPN connection, through a reverse proxy server, or with an on-premise agent. We will work with you to determine the best solution for your environment.

Does RelayiQ work with Tableau Online?