We just hit our 100th download of our flagship product Alert IQ in the Tableau extension gallery! For those that don’t know, Alert IQ extends Tableau by empowering users to configure multi-channel, personalized, and context-rich alerts at scale. As the CEO of Winnow, this is a huge milestone for me, and tracking downloads is critical for gauging the health of my company. So I did what all executives do when they want to track an important metric: I constantly harassed my analytics expert (and co-founder) Anthony Chamberas for updates on the number of downloads to date. Anthony politely told me to pound sand and reminded me that the whole point of Alert IQ is to make it possible for anyone (even CEOs) to set metrics-driven alerts for themselves.

With Anthony now back working on higher value strategic projects, I was left to eat my own dog food and set up an alert on my own. Before I knew it, and less time than it took to harass Anthony, I was receiving email messages every time a new download hit. I simply:

  1. Added the Winnow extension to a Tableau Dashboard
  2. Selected the metric counting new downloads, and
  3. Picked channels and alert schedule

No programing, no installing complex software… hell, I don’t even really know how to use Tableau (Anthony says my dashboards are the ugliest he has ever seen).

But with Winnow, I can harness the power of Tableau, without getting into the weeds.  The alerts started coming in fast and furious, but I realized that email alone was not the best way to learn about new downloads. I wanted them in Slack too.  So I sent a ticket to IT asking them to change my alerts to Slack…just kidding! I simply added Slack as a notification channel in the alert settings with the push of a button.

I experienced first-hand the power of self-service alerts that our fast-growing Alert IQ community takes advantage of every day. We have users that tell us they will never be surprised by spikes or dips in sales ever again because they have set individual thresholds for their entire sales team. We have supply chain managers who can identify and resolve potential issues with parts and shipping before they even happen. The list goes on with people tracking compliance issues, quality control, potential budget overruns, and pretty much anything else that helps them mitigate risks and grow their businesses.

Are you watching your dashboards 24/7 to identify important changes when they happen? That may sound ridiculous, but that is exactly what Alert IQ can do for you. You can get started for free with our 30-day trial. Looking forward to you being our 101st download – and I will be alerted the moment it happens.