As Tableau power users, we knew Tableau data-driven alerts needed to be extended . So we partnered with Tableau to launch the next generation of Tableau alerting, AlertIQ, in the Tableau extension marketplace just last week. We have been blown away by reception from Tableau users (dozens of downloads) and humbled by all the support from the Tableau team!

Former Tableau CMO Elissa Fink shared the the news about AlertIQ on her personal LinkedIn page calling it a “Great extension!” and sharing that she believes, “The community and by extension (no pun intended) Tableau users of all types will benefit from this. Congrats!”

Thanks Elissa, that means everything to us coming from a brilliant leader who knows Tableau and the Tableau community as well (or better) than anyone!

And then just this week Tableau chief product officer Francois Ajenstat tweeted out support for AlertIQ to the Tableau community (and even included a screenshot of the AlertIQ download)! You rock, Francois, and we are psyched to work with you and your team to deliver amazing solutions to Tableau users.

Almost every analyst, BI director, and executive we have spoken to agrees that they are not where they want to be today in terms of becoming a data-driven organization. But most would also agree that no single solution has gotten them closer to that goal than Tableau. That’s why we at Winnow bet our entire company strategy on starting with helping Tableau users solve the “last mile problem” of getting insights and actions into the hands of decision makers through Winnow’s intelligent alerts.

AlertIQ enables any Tableau user to set up customized alerts and prescriptive actions based on existing and new dashboards in minutes. Tableau has made incredible investments in their Extensions API so that Winnow and others can build seamlessly on top of their amazing platform without Tableau users having to install new software. No headache, and no risk – just download and get your team the insights they need to become data-driven right in their inbox and Slack channels.

Simply put, you don’t build on a weak foundation, and we think Tableau has the strongest foundation and the best users around.

Download the free 30-day trial directly in Tableau’s extension marketplace and get up and running today!