At RelayiQ, we ascribe to the wisdom from the great Sam Walton who famously said “There is only one boss — the customer.” We are ourselves customers of Tableau (both developers and consumers of dashboards) whose needs for analytic alerting were not being fully met. In fact, we only exist as a company today because we decided (with Tableau’s support and blessing) to build the missing tools. Our product provides the tools needed to deploy data-driven notifications with customized action plans directly from within Tableau dashboards. We use our own solution to run our business and we also connect daily with our customers.

Because we put our customers in charge of product development, their feedback drives every feature and piece of functionality in our product, assuring that RelayiQ is neither simpler nor more complex than it needs to be in order to best serve them.

For example, when customers told us that they loved how RelayiQ deployed seamlessly from inside Tableau, but they wanted it to take up less real estate in their workbooks, we reduced the footprint – now they can now launch from a single button.

When it became clear that our customers would need several ways of accessing data in Tableau, we dropped everything and deployed a new release – the feedback has been phenomenal! But we didn’t stop there. In that same release, we also added one of our most highly requested features: The ability to add alerts based on measured values from anywhere on the dashboard (not just on the X and Y axis as with native Tableau alerts)!

Our team’s favorite feature in the new release (of course, also driven by customer feedback) is the rich text editing and the logo upload feature which lets you customize your alerts to your own company’s specific branding. You can now choose from different fonts, easily create links (without having to include a long URL), and change the color and sizing of your content. If this does not sound impressive to you, then you have likely never tried to customize Tableau’s native alerts – trust us, it’s a non-starter. This release is big, and we can’t wait for you to check it out!

Some companies weigh out adding new features vs. upgrading performance, but we know our customers need and deserve both. Therefore, we also improved performance considerably by dramatically reducing the time it takes to download large workbooks. One customer asked if we could flag duplicate column names in workbooks – that was enough for us, so we did that, too!

Our obsession with customers does not end with new releases. We also strive to provide world-class support! To that end, we’ve made it far easier to enter an issue from the product, whether it be a bug, enhancement, or question. Just hit the life preserver in the upper left corner, and boom! You can also easily access the newly updated support portal from directly within the RelayiQ website:

What’s coming next month, you ask? We are preparing for supporting single sign-on, seamlessly allowing you to download data from unpublished worksheets, and we may squeeze in a few other goodies!

Not a customer yet but want to sample what it is like to work with a team that cares what you think and strives at every turn to make you successful? Whether you are a paying customer or on a 30-day free trial, we are here to listen to you and serve to you. We are grateful to have the opportunity to do it! If you are not ready to install the trial in your own environment (you should, it’s super easy), you can now trial the product in our new RelayiQ sandbox that will give you access to pre-loaded workbooks with examples of actionable, data-driven subscription and alerting that you can use in managing your business. And of course… be sure to let us know what you think!