Analytic dashboards are amazing tools that are often too easily ignored and thus can fall short of driving better business decisions. Winnow can help!

Despite collectively investing billions of dollars in analytics infrastructure, most businesses still feel like they are falling short of being data-driven. When business decision makers ask their BI experts for data-driven actions their teams can take, they are instead handed cryptic dashboards that require deciphering, interpretation, and constant monitoring to extract any real business value. Likewise, BI directors and analysts are frustrated that business decision makers fail to see what appear to them as “obvious” insights sitting right there in the dashboards they have built. The angrier executives and business decision makers get, the more dashboards the analysts pump out, and the worse the problem becomes.

Winnow solves this “last mile” analytics communication problem by monitoring and mining dashboards for you, delivering custom-tailored, data-triggered prescriptions to the all right people at the exact right time. For busy managers and business decision makers, this means no more staring at the dashboards trying to read the tea leaves to figure out what changed from last week. If a change is important and should lead to an action, set up the prescription in Winnow and everyone who needs to act upon that data gets a customized notification in Slack, email, SMS, or wherever it is they hang out. If you are an analyst and your days are constantly full of fire drills and one-off requests to fetch updated numbers, you can easily set Winnow to do all of that work for you and get back to building strategic value. The best part is that there are no new tools to learn. We built Winnow to:

  • Be unobtrusive
  • Install within seconds
  • Run within your existing Tableau environment
  • Deliver prescriptions to your teams using existing communication channels (Slack, email, SMS, etc.)

We love talking to people about their unique BI challenges and demoing Winnow (seriously, let’s talk) to show them how to fix those problems. But we also know that Winnow is so easy to use that a free 30-day trial (no credit card required) that most people can get up and running on their own. And now it’s easier than ever to get started by watching our new Winnow overview videos.

It takes about as long to install and understand Winnow as it does to make a really good peanut butter and jelly sandwich – we promise. Here are the basics you need to get started:

Sign up for a trial:

Configure a template:

Subscribe to a template:

Receive an alert:

Seems almost too easy, right? Well, we take enormous pride in providing an extremely simple solution to solving an enormously complicated problem that is a thorn in the side of every organization we have talked to. That’s just our style!

Still have questions? Hit us up anytime. We are always here and we’d love to chat!