The new Winnow extension for Tableau makes turning your dashboards into proactive hubs for delivering data-driven actions to everyone on your team easier than ever. Starting this week, the entire Tableau community can take advantage of Winnow’s unique solution for prescribing actions to the right people, at the right time, based on insights from new and existing dashboards. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to launch. You can try it for free for 30 days. And you know you can trust it because it has been vetted by Tableau and approved for their exclusive extension gallery.

So what can you do with Winnow? Imagine if instead of trying to monitor and mine dozens of dashboards 24/7 for insights, you could teach your dashboards to monitor themselves using machine learning and send targeted, data-driven actions to the exact right people at the exact right time using e-mail, Slack, and/or SMS.

Analysts are using Winnow to put a stop to endless, last-minute requests for updated data. Simply set a Winnow notification to go out to all interested parties anytime the data changes within a threshold you define. Automating a solution to these annoying one-off requests frees you up from reactive data wrangling and lets you get back to the strategic analysis you were hired to do.

BI directors are deploying Winnow to solve the “last mile” problem of getting analytic insights into the hands of those who can act on them. Despite billions of dollars of investment in analytics, most companies feel they are coming up short of delivering on the promise of being a data-driven organization. This often means C-level pressure on BI directors to show results that are simply too often just not there. The good news is that most BI directors have already done the heavy lifting of putting the analytics infrastructure into place. All that remains is turning analytic insights into actions by delivering timely targeted prescriptions across your organization. Winnow manages this in a simple way without adding complexity or new tools into your stack.

C-level executives who feel like they have been flying blind love Winnow because, rather than be pointed to a dashboard which requires further effort to mine for insight, they get the insights directly in their Slack channels and e-mail inboxes. Dashboards are great tools for analysts, but executives simply do not have the time required to monitor and mine multiple dashboards 24/7 to figure out what has changed and why. With Winnow there is no more flying blind.

Managers are using Winnow as a coaching tool for their teams. Whether you have two or 200 people on your team, you can set smart notifications tied to existing dashboards to trigger when performance starts to drop. Even better, you can include the actions a team member should take directly in the notifications and monitor the results of those actions, tweaking and perfecting your prescriptions over time.

At Winnow, we like to say that you have already done the difficult, expensive, and time-consuming work of wiring your organization for analytics. We simply turn on light switch so you can start benefiting from all of your investments. Download your free trial of Winnow in the Tableau extension catalog today and wire up your first prescription in less time than it takes to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s that easy to finally reap the benefits of your analytic investments and delivering with data-driven results.

You can download the extension by clicking image below: