Our team

Brian Borack

Chief Executive Officer

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Anthony Chamberas

Chief Technology Officer

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Lucy Karis

VP of Customer Success

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Jason Bailey

VP of Marketing

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Akshay Prakash

Principal Data Scientist

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Mark Lynch

Business Development

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Daisy DePaulis


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Peter Shields


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Our Mission is to Solve the

Last Mile Analytics Problem 

We believe data-driven decision making should be accessible for everyone.

Our journey began in 2015 when we realized that analysts were making incredible interactive dashboards but almost nobody was using them. As a result, massive investments in analytics were not translating into making better decisions and taking effective actions. The excitement of using a dashboard to slice and dice data quickly faded as dashboard fatigue set in. In fact, more often than not, many business stakeholders reverted to just asking the analyst to send them information directly.  


With RelayiQ you can quickly set up customized prescriptive alerts to deliver both analytic insights and the suggested actions to take. No more monitoring and deciphering dozens of dashboards, put your data to work and let the actionable intelligence come to you!