RelayiQ Brings Automated Business Intelligence to TC19

RelayiQ, the leading innovator in automated business intelligence, will be showcasing new machine learning, automation and omni-channel capabilities in their suite of tools at TC19 that will give Tableau users superpowers!

Finally you can solve the last mile analytics problem by getting insights into the right hands, at the right time, while driving dashboard adoption like never before! With RelayiQ’s automated business intelligence for Tableau, you can:

  • Automate advanced detection of anomalies using artificial intelligence and machine learning for thousands of metrics across hundreds of Tableau dashboards.

  • Generate customized prescriptive actions based on significant changes in core metrics and KPIs.

  • Notify all end users (human or machine) with prescribed action plans in the communication channels they use most.

  • Measure prescription compliance and outcomes in Trello-style action boards.

  • Automate generation of custom dashboard views for filter combinations

Many believe machine learning driven automation is the next big thing in business intelligence. TC19 is your chance to see it in action.

RelayiQ will be everywhere at TC19, you can find us:

  • At our booth, number 529, with our awesome customer Infofluency demoing automated business intelligence solutions!

  • Co-leading a training session with PitneyBowes, one of our favorite partners

  • At PitneyBowes booth, number 631, demoing our customer loyalty use case

  • At the Tableau extensions sessions where our CTO Anthony Chamberas will speaking about Blast, our new extension for automating report generation

RelayiQ demos will feature our automated business intelligence solution in action and highlight integrations with our amazing best-in-class partners including PitneyBowes, Snowflake, DataRobot, and Tableau. Special attention will be given to sales and marketing executives seeking to take full advantage of their investments in Salesforce and Tableau. According to RelayiQ CEO Brian Borack:

Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau means tighter integration between the two most dominant and powerful business tools on the market. We believe automated business intelligence is the key to unlocking the new synergies between Salesforce and Tableau and laying the foundation for the next generation of business intelligence.

TC19 attendees can get started for free! To make it easier to get started with automated business intelligence for Tableau, we are giving free licenses of RelayiQ’s Blast to all attendees at TC19. With Blast, you can automate the creation of complex reports that pull from Tableau dashboards and deliver them as PDFs to anyone. Simply put, Blast gets your best business intelligence into the right hands as fast as possible by replacing repetitive and manual report preparation with automation guided by machine learning. iVantage director of business intelligence Ross Helenius is a Blast user and shared his thoughts ahead of TC19:

“With RelayiQ Blast, our complex and manual report generation process is now automated and faster by an order of magnitude. RelayiQ respects people’s time by proactively delivering intelligence rather than just expecting people to discover when things change by constantly checking on dashboards and analytics on their own.”

To claim your free Blast license and take advantage of the next big thing in BI, swing by booth number 529 or schedule a call ahead of TC19 for a personalized demo and free trial license of our complete automated business intelligence solution for Tableau.


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