RelayiQ delivers on the promise of data-driven decision making

Traditional analytics solutions focus on providing tools and technologies to analysts without worrying about how insights will be delivered or how value will be proven.

The RelayiQ Platform enables data-driven decision making, insight delivery, customized action plans and performance to ensure value is realized from all of your analytics investments.

Connect to source systems and build data pipelines

Apply analytics to generate insights

Create and host

self-service applications

to deliver insights


for Action

What we do

We solve the "last mile problem" of analytics adoption by turning data into actions and measurable results.

How we do it

We surface intelligent insights from data and deliver them directly to people who need them.

Who we are

Like you, we lived with the pain and suffering of modern BI tools. We are fixing this problem for you and for us.

How we work

We get pumped by helping people turn data-driven decision making
Into a part of their everyday lives.


Zach Leber

Broad Institute

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"RelayiQ is a great solution to help the Tableau community with dashboard adoption. Sending insights to the people who need them goes a long way in solving this problem."

Vernon Turner

Causeway Connections

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“It’s all about speed of delivery. The right business outcomes to the right person at the right time’, says Vernon Turner, Founder and Chief Strategist at Causeway Connections LLC. “Businesses who focus on presenting analytics from any IoT source to the audience will always be ahead of their competition”.

Mark McDonough

CEO Serenitee Restaurant Group

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"RelayiQ's support is the best I’ve had from any software company. They are incredibly responsive and completely open to suggestions for product enhancements that will make the solution more powerful and easier to use."

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